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Michele Alleman

Michele Alleman

Seabrook, TX

Our first incentive trip to Atlantis was completely over the top and changed our business forever. We stayed an extra day and got to spend a solid 4 hours with Andy Albright and being poured into by his wisdom.

We were going to sun by the pool when Andy, from about 40 yards away, whistled at us to come sit with them. To have the president of the company take specific interest in who you are, what you want from this business, and give specific and intentional guidance on what to read and focus on was priceless!

As a result of those 4 hours hanging out with Andy, we increased our business over 50% and two months later are recognized Agency Managers. With these results, I would have paid double the normal costs of the trip.

Thanks Andy and Barry for this incredible opportunity for Freedom.

Michele and Mike Alleman

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