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John Chitman

John Chitman

Chino Hills, CA

Out of 8 appointments I had booked, one was a no-show and 3 rescheduled. Of the 4 homes I did sit down with, I got 6 applications totaling $776.47 in monthly premium for a total of $9,317.64 AP. At my current 60% contract that’s $5,590.58 in 1st year comm. x 80% up front should net me $4,472.46 for about 9 hours of work including drive time. That’s about $500/hr. Even if 25% drop off that’s still a heck of a week. It’s just like National Agents Alliance® has said: it just takes activity on the phone. Now I just need to keep the pipeline full. I’ve already got 7 appointments booked through next Sunday. Since this is only the 3rd, it’s looking like June is going to be a fine month. Better get my next promotion papers ready!

A previous boss of mine has called me several times to come back and work for him. He can’t believe I’ve turned him down. I can’t wait to show him my commission checks. Who knows maybe I’ll hire him to work for me!

I’ve always had big goals, I’ve just lacked the right vehicle get me there. I’m clear this is THE ONE. I wish I had this opportunity earlier but I’m not going to let it go, now that I’ve found it.

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