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Dick Davis

Dick Davis

Greer, SC

We have owned several business’ over our 47 years of married life and also indulged in a couple of “net work marketing” ventures. A modicum of success in them all. Sandy was most impressed when she listened to Andy’s presentation and to my surprise became very excited about the NAA® opportunity. Even though her illness was creating problems for her body, her mind and ATTITUDE were fantastic to the end. The wheel chair slowed her down, causing her to think that she was being a burden on me and the family. She wanted me to put my efforts towards the business and not worry about her. We compromised, I took care of her and without ANY regret put most of the business learning process on the back burner. She was the love of my life for 48 years and we reared 7 wonderful sons together culminating in 17 grandchildren (so far). Her passing on April 12, EASTER SUNDAY was a bitter sweet but great day. The Lord called his child home on the same day his Son ascended into Heaven after the Crucifixion. I was privileged to be setting beside her with her hand in mine as she breathed her last breath and went home to be with GOD.

Although, this has been the most difficult time in my life I have 48 years of memories that I am recalling on a constant basis, She was the most wonderful wife and mother!

As I told Andy last Friday, I will build a successful business with National Agents Alliance®. I promised my wife and now you know MY “WHY”!

Thank you, Andy, for the fantastic opportunity that National Agents Alliance® offers and for the personal kindness and caring that you shared with Sandy in those few quick moments back in January. They won’t ever be forgotten.

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